Definition of Schiff's reagent in English:

Schiff's reagent


mass nounChemistry
  • An acid solution of fuchsin decolorized by sulphur dioxide or potassium metabisulphite, used in testing for aldehydes (which restore the magenta colour).

    • ‘Root sections were counterstained with periodic acid and Schiff's reagent.’
    • ‘The procedure involved first the oxidation of carbohydrates with periodic acid followed by reaction with the fluorescent Schiff's reagent pararosanilin.’
    • ‘The aldehydes are then detected by the Schiff reagent, which stains them reddish purple.’
    • ‘For Feulgen-based methods, the primary issues in both groups are the preparation of a suitable monolayer of cells, the temperature and duration of acid hydrolysis, and the quality of the Schiff reagent used.’
    • ‘Semi-thin sections were incubated first with periodic acid for 8 minutes, rinsed in distilled water and then treated in the dark with Schiff reagent for 15 minutes to reveal carbohydrates.’


Late 19th century: see Schiff base.


Schiff's reagent