Definition of schematization in English:


(British schematisation)


  • See schematize

    • ‘The facts relevant to determining whether the ‘may’ becomes a ‘should’ are always local and thus in principle not susceptible to formal schematization.’
    • ‘Sometimes ad hoc schematizations work best, to avoid showing unnecessary detail.’
    • ‘The authors of these texts ‘carry out selections, generalizations, and historical schematizations, at the same time as they make value judgments on the object studied’.’
    • ‘In fact the book is deceptively simple in that its schematization (sometimes over-elaborate for some tastes) appears to choke a more serious and sustained argument.’
    • ‘This solar-system atom is so intuitively pleasing, such a neat schematization of the atom's anatomy, that it has become one of science's universal icons.’