Definition of schefflera in English:



  • An evergreen tropical or subtropical shrub or small tree which is widely grown as a pot plant for its decorative foliage.

    Genus Schefflera, family Araliaceae

    • ‘The shiny foliage resembles that of a schefflera; the nuts are packed into woody, football-shaped pods.’
    • ‘Spider plants, philodendrons, scheffleras, chrysanthemums, ferns and dracaena are excellent air filters.’
    • ‘Yellowing, twisted foliage with tiny webs appears on susceptible species including gardenias, scheffleras, ivy, and roses.’
    • ‘A very dead potted plant that may at one time have been a schefflera occupied the near right corner.’


Modern Latin, named after J. C. Scheffler, 18th-century German botanist.