Definition of scheduler in English:


Pronunciation /ˈskɛdjələ//ˈʃɛdjələ/


  • 1A person or machine that organizes or maintains schedules.

    • ‘He's got to convince the schedulers to give him the time.’
    • ‘She will go wherever his schedulers tell her to go, usually at the last minute.’
    • ‘Organiser functions include a scheduler, alarm clock, calculator and world clock.’
    • ‘Such is the influence he exerts in US tennis that he is powerful enough even to challenge the all-powerful television schedulers.’
    • ‘To be accurate, the strike started on March 8, 1984, but little facts like that are easily ignored by television schedulers.’
    • ‘Now all employees, including platform workers, ticket collectors and timetable schedulers, will face checks as part of a crackdown by transport bosses.’
    • ‘In truth, it's commonplace for harried, in-shop work schedulers or field supervisors to permit maintenance work to lapse.’
    • ‘Reinforce with surgery schedulers the need to return improperly completed procedure scheduling forms to physicians' offices.’
    • ‘The candidate's campaign scheduler says the only time she saw Dean lose his temper was over rock chipping.’
    • ‘So there is a need for planners, schedulers and supervisors.’
    • ‘One of our schedulers might top out at $21 an hour, while someone with the same job at Southwest makes $10 or $11 an hour.’
    • ‘Wireless devices have evolved from personal organizers and schedulers into powerful computing tools worthy of enterprise-class applications.’
    • ‘I carry one in my pocket, keep one in my car, and use one as a scheduler and contacts database.’
    • ‘The schedulers know their business: this is a nation obsessed with bricks and mortar.’
    • ‘Sending a calendar imprinted with a business logo can keep the business' name on the scheduler's desk for the entire year.’
    • ‘Ticket collectors, timetable schedulers and platform workers will all face checks in the safety move by First North Western.’
    • ‘The workers include accounting clerks, payroll specialists and schedulers.’
    • ‘An office feature has a scheduler, calculator, unit converter, stopwatch and voice memo feature.’
    • ‘The 219 bus drivers complain that it is the schedulers at the bus station to blame and that buses get moved from the route to other routes.’
    • ‘One of the reasons she wanted to transfer was to assert she had substantive knowledge and was not just a secretary / scheduler.’
    1. 1.1Computing A program that arranges jobs or a computer's operations into an appropriate sequence.
      • ‘The software team programmed the scheduler to log when a job took longer than expected.’
      • ‘Various software applications take advantage of different parallel processing schedulers, so it is likely that the cluster will often be broken into several smaller mini-clusters.’
      • ‘Once the time slice of a running process is over, the Linux scheduler picks up another appropriate process from the run queue and allocates CPU power to that process.’
      • ‘Latency is a function of the audio-interface hardware, the audio-interface device driver, the operating system scheduler and the application software.’
      • ‘Most virus software has an automatic scheduler so that the software can update daily at specified times.’