Definition of scheduled in English:



  • 1Included in or planned according to a schedule.

    ‘the bus makes one scheduled thirty-minute stop’
    • ‘Leave a copy of your itinerary with someone at home and plan periodic scheduled check-in call times.’
    • ‘True to the principles of fine theatre, the Moriarty Tribunal has left its audience in keen anticipation ahead of its scheduled resumption on Thursday.’
    • ‘What you do need to do is plan your ride and know where your scheduled stops will be made.’
    • ‘The early downpour had just about stopped by the scheduled starting time but there was very little wind to assist the drying out process.’
    • ‘The £10,000 scheme the largest of its kind in the country allows bus users to find out the times of the next three scheduled buses from any stop in the borough.’
    • ‘No crew member will be able to sleep on-board and they will instead have to snatch a couple of hours under a wing on scheduled refuelling stops.’
    • ‘It does not have a certification test or scheduled training plan.’
    • ‘Less than 24 hours before its scheduled landing, the anticipation is clearly building already.’
    • ‘Even if this scheduled transfer of power goes as planned without a hitch, one has to ask the question was it worth the lives that were lost?’
    • ‘Not only can it perform the usual types of backup chores - including scheduled and incremental backups - but it can also clone your boot drive on the fly.’
    • ‘There can be little doubt they were planning a terrorist spectacular to coincide with tomorrow's scheduled handover of sovereignty.’
    • ‘Between the scheduled strikes on 20 July and 4 August, AUS plans to hold ‘lightning strikes’.’
    • ‘Instead of getting the man help, the train continued on to make two scheduled stops.’
    • ‘Fortunately, the referee stopped the scheduled eight-round contest after three rounds, awarding victory to Valley.’
    • ‘This was a previously scheduled meeting, expected to have a lot of discussion about the conflict.’
    • ‘The project is expected to miss its scheduled 2003 deadline.’
    • ‘Previously scheduled mainland expansion plans had been put on hold because of the Sars outbreak last year.’
    • ‘Front actuators, accumulators and hydraulic lines require both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.’
    • ‘But for now she wished only to remain to the scheduled plan and not think about the future with or without him.’
    • ‘Once out west, the bus makes a scheduled stop in Fairfield where the annual rodeo is in progress.’
    expected, required, awaited, anticipated, scheduled for
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    1. 1.1 (especially of an airline or flight) relating to or forming part of a regular service rather than specially chartered.
      ‘depart London by scheduled flight for Delhi’
      ‘the scheduled fare’
      • ‘On Wednesday, Aeroflot said it was cutting the number of regularly scheduled flights to Thailand because of a decrease in demand.’
      • ‘Balkan Airlines had a scheduled flight through Cairo and Kenya weekly landing in Johannesburg.’
      • ‘Internal travel is by local scheduled flights and charters, which are all provided in the package deal.’
      • ‘Bulgaria Air is launching a scheduled Varna-London regular flight on June 18, and another one to Milan as of July.’
      • ‘However, there are regular scheduled flights from Madrid and Seville to Tenerife with Iberia.’
      • ‘Scores of scheduled flights were cancelled and charter services were delayed up to 18 hours, as reported last night.’
      • ‘Some insurers only compensate for delays to an outward journey and only on scheduled airlines, not charters.’
      • ‘In 2002, the first scheduled airline flights began to Lewis.’
      • ‘There are regular scheduled flights to the island by light aircraft, from Dar es Salaam or the nearby Selous.’
      • ‘The airport is used by holiday charter airlines and has scheduled flights to Aberdeen and Amsterdam in the Netherlands.’
  • 2British (of a building or other historic monument) included in a list for legal preservation and protection.

    • ‘In 1952 Kents Cavern was designated an Ancient Monument, making it Britain's oldest scheduled monument and heritage site.’
    • ‘The dyke is a scheduled monument and has the same protective status as St Magnus Cathedral.’
    • ‘As well as being a scheduled monument, Castle Hill is within the green belt and is in an area of special landscape value.’
    • ‘Wardley Hall, a scheduled ancient monument containing grade I and II listed buildings, could be affected by widening near junction 14.’
    • ‘Trees may also enjoy other forms of protection - such as preservation orders or being in conservation areas or at scheduled ancient monuments.’
    • ‘It is now regarded as the nation's most complete Cold War relic, and three years ago was given the same protection as Stonehenge as a scheduled monument.’
    • ‘English Heritage spends only £0.25m on management agreements for scheduled monuments.’
    • ‘As the site is a protected scheduled monument, work will progress at a carefully managed pace to ensure as much as possible can be learnt about the site.’
    • ‘The stone cannot be moved without the permission of Historic Scotland, because it is a scheduled monument.’
    • ‘The loss of parkland and threats to historic farm buildings and scheduled monuments suggest many cherished aspects of the region's character are at risk.’
    • ‘Historic Scotland had managed to have the old castle listed as a scheduled monument, which makes it extremely difficult to convert it for private or commercial use.’
    • ‘But the register shows that a total of 133 listed buildings and scheduled monuments in the region are still at risk of decay.’
    • ‘‘We remain concerned by the proportion of scheduled ancient monuments still in a poor state,’ he said.’
    • ‘But when he applied for scheduled monument consent, Historic Scotland stipulated the castle must remain as it is.’
    • ‘There are 43 Registered Battlefields in England, but hundreds of scheduled castles and other defensive sites.’
    • ‘In the grounds are the ruins of the 16 th-century Woodhouselee Castle, a scheduled monument.’
    • ‘York's city walls, among the longest and best-preserved of their kind in England, are a scheduled ancient monument.’
    • ‘Even scheduled monuments have limited real protection.’
    • ‘The city walls include a number of scheduled monuments and listed buildings, including the ruins of St Mary's Abbey and St Olave's Church, which is still in use.’
    • ‘The bridge is a scheduled ancient monument and archaeologists had to check the site before it could be filled in.’