Definition of sceptred in English:


(US sceptered)


  • See sceptre

    • ‘We have it on no less an authority than the Foreign Secretary that this is the favourite dish of choice up and down these sceptred isles from whence the touring party was recruited.’
    • ‘There are also excellent specimens of sceptered and reverse-sceptered (sometimes called castellated) quartz crystals.’
    • ‘Already, there were tales last week of German beef being cut up in Ireland and repackaged for the supermarket shelves of this sceptred isle.’
    • ‘The great emperor was revealed sitting on a throne, crowned and sceptered, and surprisingly well preserved.’
    • ‘This is the second disc in another excellent series devoted to the rich seam of British Light Overtures, an area in which the composers from this sceptred isle were extremely prolific.’