Definition of scent gland in English:

scent gland


  • An animal gland that secretes an odorous pheromone or defensive substance, especially one under the tail of a carnivorous mammal such as a civet or skunk.

    • ‘River otters have paired scent glands at the base of their tail which give off a heavy, musky smell.’
    • ‘As everyone should know ferrets do tend to stink, even though they will have the scent glands removed before you buy them, but you can get some ‘deodorant’ for them.’
    • ‘A male capybara has a distinctive scent gland called a ‘morrillo’ that appears as a dark, oval-shaped, hairless bump on top of its rostrum.’
    • ‘Scent marking by depositing urine and sebum from anogenital scent glands on substrate is common among mammals, especially rodents.’
    • ‘All three genera have a scent gland on the rump, which is used in social communication.’