Definition of scene painter in English:

scene painter


  • A person whose job is to paint the background used to represent natural features or other surroundings on a theatre stage or film set.

    ‘the principal scene painter at the Haymarket Theatre’
    • ‘A stint as a scene painter at the Opéra de Nice when he was 17, before his military service in Algeria, thrust him into a new cultural milieu and taught him not to fear working on a grand scale.’
    • ‘After the war, rather than go back to Oxford, he went to art school, and then became a scene painter and backstage factotum at the Theatre Royal.’
    • ‘He became a professional artist in Carlisle, struggling to make a living there until 1845, when he went to Manchester as an assistant scene painter.’
    • ‘She originally joined the National Theatre in November 1987 as temporary maternity cover for one of the scene painters and was appointed to her present post of Head Scenic Artist in December 1988.’
    • ‘While scene painters in Vienna were employed creating the set, a lavishly embroidered kimono was made in Anniesland, and the exquisite tutus were hand-made in Dusseldorf.’
    • ‘In 1954 he moved for two years to Dublin where, in addition to his painting, he worked as a scene painter in theatres, as a shop window dresser, and performed a nightly dance routine at a club on O'Connell Street.’
    • ‘Trained in Berlin, he worked first as a scene painter in the Royal Theatre, designing sets for plays by fashionable writers of the period.’
    • ‘At the age of twelve or thirteen, he left school to become a helper to the scene painter at the grand opera.’
    • ‘The son of a Birmingham blacksmith, he began his artistic career as a scene painter, and was largely self-taught in the craft of watercolour painting on which he built his reputation.’
    • ‘In London he found employment as a scene painter at the Haymarket Theatre.’
    • ‘He worked as a theatrical scene painter before studying in Munich and then in Paris, where he settled in 1888.’