Definition of scene-of-crime in English:


(also scenes-of-crime)


  • Relating to or denoting a civilian branch of the police force concerned with the collection of forensic evidence.

    • ‘The pub remained cordoned off today as scenes-of-crime officers investigated the incident, which also involved several other drinkers.’
    • ‘After the outbreak, fire investigators and police scenes-of-crime officers sifted through the charred remains to try to find the cause.’
    • ‘He said a team of forensic experts and scenes-of-crime officers had examined the scene.’
    • ‘If it appears to match a scene-of-crime sample, the suspect will in any event have to give a fresh sample for comparison with the evidential sample.’
    • ‘The home and the immediate area were cordoned off while scenes-of-crime officers carried out a search.’
    • ‘Shortly afterwards the scenes-of-crime police officers came on to the scene.’
    • ‘Police scenes-of-crime officers took more than two and a half hours to reach the barracks after Green was shot, because they went to the wrong place.’
    • ‘They return carrying a lot of red and white police scene-of-crime tape with which they criss-cross the stage.’
    • ‘It also does low-level helicopter surveying of motorways and railways and has developed methodology for the police to use for road traffic accidents and scene-of-crime recording.’
    • ‘He said it was only when scene-of-crime officers started to brief him that he pulled himself together.’
    • ‘Both are highly experienced former police scenes-of-crime officers who have attended dozens of murders and given evidence in court on many occasions.’
    • ‘Staff will get training in preserving scene-of-crime evidence such as bottles which could contain vital evidence to trap violent offenders.’
    • ‘The extra money will also pay for more scenes-of-crime officers who can attend more burglaries and use more sophisticated equipment to catch criminals.’
    • ‘Several uniformed officers guarded the scene well into the evening as scenes-of-crime officers examined the ground under the tent.’
    • ‘Fire investigators and police scenes-of-crime officers were sifting through debris at the scene in an effort to establish the cause of the fire.’
    • ‘Since then forensic and scene-of-crime experts have been carefully clearing away the earth surrounding the body while also preserving vital clues.’
    • ‘‘The places are being examined, a search team is out, forensics are being carried out, a scenes-of-crime unit was dispatched,’ said the detective.’
    • ‘But scenes-of-crime officers could complete their investigation within days.’
    • ‘Highly sensitive DNA tests will be run on any clothing, footwear or scene-of-crime taping still stored.’
    • ‘Families can examine evidence and try their hands at solving a ‘whodunnit’ as well as handle modern scene-of-crime equipment.’