Definition of scatty in English:



  • Absent-minded and disorganized:

    ‘Julia sees herself as vaguely uneducated and slightly scatty’
    • ‘His scatty style might seem to some carefully contrived, but through the chinks of his eccentricity something else comes through: genuine sweetness and innocence.’
    • ‘She has a kindly, slightly scatty manner and a lively twinkle in her eye.’
    • ‘Something of that scatty, archaic, tender quality creeps into Garnett's book, too.’
    • ‘As for Elliot, she's as scatty as a fruit fly, the constant butt of Cox's cutting jokes.’
    • ‘Seriously scatty, it was almost as if she was oblivious to her surroundings and continued to live exactly as she had in Manhattan.’
    • ‘He's always told Sadie her staff are scatty and unreliable - and now he feels he's been left looking stupid.’
    • ‘Ross did try, but he was too scatty to organise anything.’
    • ‘Another advantage/disadvantage depending on how scatty you are is that an individual PC card will only work with a particular notebook.’
    • ‘He might sound like a motormouth, he might sounds scatty and a little out of focus.’
    • ‘A scatty young woman decides to bring her family together by cooking Thanksgiving dinner in her tiny New York apartment.’
    • ‘All these glimpses are to lead us towards the conclusion that these women are all incredibly powerful, yet retain a sort of scatty charm.’
    • ‘Slightly scatty, she is perceived as neurotic, which seems par for the course in the New York she inhabits.’
    • ‘By this stage I should tell you about Michelle, our slightly scatty, but very likeable waitress, who had assured me that the lobster was wonderful.’
    • ‘They job is making sure that scatty, ill-disciplined journalists sound like they actually know what they're talking about.’
    • ‘Does having a scatty heroine, rather than a gormless hero, on the case affect the parody?’
    • ‘The door was unlocked, thanks to our rather scatty tutor.’
    • ‘We are all in our 50s, so we're not scatty teenagers.’
    • ‘I recommend a mobile phone to make her look not like a scatty old lady but a busy executive on the job.’
    • ‘As scatty or daft as I may come across here at times, work is hugely important to me, a very close second to Willow to be quite honest.’
    • ‘But despite the slightly scatty appearance and manner he had, Katie thought he looked, kind of capable.’
    foolish, stupid, unintelligent, idiotic, brainless, mindless, witless, imbecilic, imbecile, doltish
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Early 20th century: abbreviation of scatterbrained.