Definition of scatter diagram in English:

scatter diagram

(also scatter plot)


  • A graph in which the values of two variables are plotted along two axes, the pattern of the resulting points revealing any correlation present.

    • ‘The scatter diagram for variables 1 and 2 shows a perfect positive relationship, which would have a Pearson's r correlation of + 1.’
    • ‘If a scatter plot indicates a treatment effect even when no patients adhere to treatment then bias is a possible explanation.’
    • ‘The scatter plot presented in the following chart does not show a linear pattern of the relationship between TOEFL score and Internet penetration.’
    • ‘The resulting two-dimensional representation is shown in the scatter plot as well as the box plot corresponding to the data distribution along the x axis.’
    • ‘The other chart, a scatter diagram, suggests that the price/earnings ratio predicts 10-year returns.’
    chart, diagram, grid
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scatter diagram

/ˈskatə ˈdʌɪəɡram/