Definition of Scatchard plot in English:

Scatchard plot


  • A plot of the concentration of a solute absorbed by a protein, membrane, cell, etc., against its concentration in the surrounding medium.

    • ‘To investigate whether the decrease in insulin binding was attributed to a decrease in the number of receptor sites per cell, the Scatchard plot for the data was analyzed.’
    • ‘The presence of a single binding site per RyR was confirmed in the Scatchard plot, where the straight line was constructed using the same parameters as above.’
    • ‘For each sample the fraction of the bound ligand was calculated and the data were drawn according to a Scatchard plot.’
    • ‘A Scatchard plot provided evidence for two different ABA binding proteins, one with higher affinity and the other with lower affinity.’
    • ‘Previously, they were able to obtain Scatchard plots for the binding of RB - 5'-phosphate with albumin, but this experiment failed with RB because of the small binding constant.’


1940s: named after George Scatchard (1892–1973), American physical chemist.


Scatchard plot