Definition of Scart in English:


(also SCART)


  • A 21-pin socket used to connect video equipment.

    as modifier ‘twin Scart connectors’
    • ‘Check that it's got a Scart socket and that said Scart socket is RGB-capable or your picture will be wobble a tiny bit.’
    • ‘The chair connects to any home cinema/stereo system that has a phono output and is also compatible with Scarts too.’
    • ‘The kit comes with RCA connections, but Scart converters are included, making it compatible with most modern video and DVD players.’
    • ‘A commendable selection of connections includes two good-quality RGB Scarts, ensuring crisp DVD playback.’
    • ‘What about if we connect the Playstation 2 to the aerial rather than using the Scart lead or the video input or output ports?’


1980s: acronym from French Syndicat des Constructeurs des Appareils Radiorécepteurs et Téléviseurs, the committee which designed the connector.