Definition of scarp slope in English:

scarp slope


  • A slope in the land that cuts across the underlying strata, especially the steeper slope of a cuesta.

    Often contrasted with dip slope
    • ‘Terrace ridges, the scarp slope outward facing, traverse the doublure, subparallel to the periphery.’
    • ‘When viewed from the west or south at long range, the asymmetric topography suggests a short northern scarp slope and a long south-sloping dip slope.’
    • ‘Gaining in height from the Blue Lagoon, this walk takes the short steep path up the northern scarp slope of Winter Hill then descends along a more gradual route.’
    • ‘The east-facing scarp slope of the Côte d' Or has been formed by faulting along the Saône, and further partitioned by extensive small-scale faulting.’
    • ‘These dip slopes are separated by 50 m high scarp slopes that dip steeply west.’