Definition of scarlet tanager in English:

scarlet tanager


  • A tanager (songbird) of eastern North America, the breeding male of which is bright red with black wings and tail.

    Piranga olivacea

    • ‘In the agricultural Midwest, more than 80 percent of the nests of some species - wood thrush, hooded warbler, red-eyed vireo, scarlet tanager, and others - host cowbird eggs.’
    • ‘Monday, between storms, I saw a scarlet tanager in the one moment of sunlight.’
    • ‘Redbirds, bluebirds, robins, bobolinks, scarlet tanagers, Kentucky warblers, and orchard orioles strut and sing like the cast of a turn-of-the-century revue.’
    • ‘The Poconos' deciduous forests harbor a wealth of birds, ranging from the scarlet tanager to the ruffed grouse.’
    • ‘Because of this diversity of tree species, migratory songbirds such as scarlet tanagers, hermit thrushes, and chestnut-sided warblers return to nest there each spring.’