Definition of Scarlet Pimpernel in English:

Scarlet Pimpernel

proper noun

  • The name assumed by the hero of a series of novels by Baroness Orczy. He was an English nobleman who rescued aristocrats during the French Revolution, always avoiding capture.

Definition of scarlet pimpernel in English:

scarlet pimpernel


  • A small European plant with scarlet flowers that close in rainy or cloudy weather.

    • ‘Flowers, such as cornflowers, scarlet pimpernel and shepherd's needle, used to be a common sight in the county's cornfields 50 years ago, but today many are rare, or even extinct.’
    • ‘The demand for the olive branch, the poppy, the scarlet pimpernel, and seaweed was high and she reproduced these personally meaningful designs over and over again.’