Definition of scaremonger in English:



  • A person who spreads frightening or ominous reports or rumours.

    ‘scaremongers forecast that 8 m–9 m people could soon flood in’
    • ‘After years of being dismissed as loonies and scaremongers, she and the thousands of women who have long claimed silicone was making them ill have finally been listened to.’
    • ‘If anyone had predicted that twenty years ago they would have been laughed at as scaremongers.’
    • ‘I have also heard a lot of groundless and irrational fears that have stemmed from scaremongers.’
    • ‘People are getting the opportunity to quiz all sides and the No campaign is being exposed as being composed of scaremongers.’
    • ‘Economic statistics also show that the ban has not had the disastrous impact on pub sales feared by many scaremongers.’
    • ‘They argue that the problem does not exist, or has been grossly exaggerated, and they call the reformers alarmists, fanatics, scaremongers, prophets of doom and so on.’
    • ‘The busybodies and scaremongers are now targeting nanotechnology - i.e. engineering on a microscopic scale.’
    • ‘We do not want to be scaremongers, but we want people to see that this is a real threat and that there are alternatives to nuclear fuels and they are available now.’
    • ‘It is vital that we look to science to help us here, and not to the various scaremongers and often self-appointed bodies that tend to spread stories of doom and gloom.’
    • ‘Why are critics of the politics of fear turning into scaremongers about the threat of an avian flu pandemic?’
    • ‘I and my colleagues were publicly branded as scaremongers by members of Selby's local authority.’
    • ‘The oil companies shouldn't be able to claim the lack of glaciers on Chambers Street as proof that their opponents are just scaremongers.’
    • ‘Scientists are unlikely to turn the world into ‘grey goo’ - but that hasn't stopped the scaremongers.’
    • ‘Curry didn't fare much better at the hands of the tabloid scaremongers.’
    • ‘Government and Opposition politicians last night criticised them for branding campaigners as whingers and scaremongers.’
    • ‘I don't want to be a scaremonger but it would be catastrophic if these trains were attacked.’
    • ‘So despite all the claims, the evidence does not support the scaremongers.’
    • ‘There are also some scaremongers, such as BHF, creating rumours that we are about to be shipped to Texas.’
    • ‘Is this what the tabloid scaremongers would have us worry about?’
    • ‘Officials denounced environmentalists as scaremongers for suggesting that any such thing had occurred.’
    alarmist, prophet of doom, cassandra, voice of doom, doom-monger
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