Definition of scantily in English:



  • 1In a way that is small or insufficient in quantity or amount.

    ‘a small, scantily furnished room’
    ‘scantily populated areas’
    • ‘In this scantily plotted movie, the nattily dressed American meets up with the Gallic twins at a protest in Paris at the Cinémathèque.’
    • ‘Her whirlwind of activity in the United States and Europe between 1963 and 1968 is scantily documented.’
    • ‘Though scantily fed, and often utterly discouraged by failure, they were still making a noble fight for existence.’
    • ‘He had hair growing scantily round the temples but profusely elsewhere.’
    • ‘Written and performed by two sisters, it is an ill-prepared, scantily conceived story.’
    • ‘Her show was scantily more than an hour long and was heavy on the commercial pop.’
    • ‘Her dress was perfectly neat, but scantily made, as if she desired to be as little encumbered as possible.’
    • ‘If you peek closely (or even scantily) at the cover, you'll notice two things on prominent display: exposed female skin and samurai swords.’
    • ‘Contemporary architecture is scantily represented here.’
    • ‘Strategy and scouting are scantily addressed.’
    1. 1.1 With revealing or skimpy clothing.
      ‘scantily clad women’
      ‘scantily dressed models’
      • ‘The show displayed six "fat strippers," scantily clothed to better assert their freakishness.’
      • ‘Picture brawny, ripped men, scantily costumed as Indian warriors, Greek gods, and Olympic athletes.’
      • ‘The national touring show is performed by a whole stage full of scantily clad dancers.’
      • ‘The screen siren is known for scantily clad appearances, both on and off the screen.’
      • ‘The actresses remain clothed, albeit scantily.’
      • ‘When you want a drink, simply flip up the flag and a scantily clad cocktail girl comes to your rescue.’
      • ‘Scantily clad go-go girls give the crowd something to look at.’
      • ‘The dancers appear as masked counterparts of the more naturally and scantily attired figure of Peace on the adjacent wall.’
      • ‘To attract a man who is only interested in lust, just dress scantily.’
      • ‘She was scantily covered with a purple thong.’