Definition of scanning electron microscope in English:

scanning electron microscope

(also SEM)


  • An electron microscope in which the surface of a specimen is scanned by a beam of electrons that are reflected to form an image.

    • ‘Another type of scanning electron microscope, the environmental scanning electron microscope, was developed in the late 1980s.’
    • ‘After all, the stars of the best forensic science shows are often the equipment - DNA sequencers, mass spectrometers, photometric fingerprint illuminators, scanning electron microscopes and the like.’
    • ‘A specimen obtained from scrapings of the woman's hand was prepared and examined with the use of a scanning electron microscope.’
    • ‘X-ray spectrometers are attached routinely to scanning electron microscopes and these provide elemental analyses of samples in the SEM and are a powerful means for pigment identification.’
    • ‘The hot electron source has been used on most scanning electron microscopes since their introduction in 1965.’