Definition of Scandi in English:



  • ‘a Scandi film’
    short for Scandinavian
    ‘Scandi food’
    • ‘Euro and Scandi courts remain contentious.’
    • ‘This TV plays virtually any media broadcast from your wireless home network and features the superclean Scandi styling (rounded edges!) of the company's new LCD line.’
    • ‘His adaptation is only the latest English-language version of a hit Scandi film to disappoint at the box office.’
    • ‘The therapist had placed a couple of flickering tea lights on top of her mid-century Scandi coffee table.’
    • ‘That aside, I would have thought the Scandi countries without Finland would seem more natural as at least the Danish, Swedish, Norwegian (and no doubt Icelandic) languages are so close as to be mutually intelligible.’
    • ‘The (Germanic) Scandi languages are all basically accents/dialects of each other.’
    • ‘Even so, while at SPOT, it's hard to get a handle on what Danish music might be, its particular Scandi flavour.’
    • ‘Disparate elements glued together in unlikely, yet seamless, combinations is a common theme in Scandi rock.’
    • ‘Scandi food is different, quite different, but I've always thought it quite flavourful and characterful.’