Definition of scandal sheet in English:

scandal sheet


  • A newspaper or magazine giving prominence to scandalous stories or gossip.

    ‘she found herself written about in a notorious scandal sheet’
    • ‘He has turned some clients into front page news and kept others out of the scandal sheets.’
    • ‘Of course, much is made of the U.K.'s free press but for much of its life it has been, especially in the eighteenth century, little more than a collection of scandal sheets.’
    • ‘They've given interviews to one of the scandal sheets and they won't talk to the legitimate press.’
    • ‘She also made regular appearances in the scandal sheets thanks to her on-again/off-again friendship with James Dean, who had originally sought her out thinking she was a serious student of the occult.’
    • ‘His guile and familiarity with the underworld gets him a job as a photographer for a scandal sheet, working under a good natured, alcoholic editor.’
    • ‘You have to admire someone whose stuffy bed sheets got right up the noses of the stuffy broadsheets, at the same time keeping the media's scandal sheets, the normally rabid tabloids, onside.’
    • ‘In the end, the undiluted misogyny of the scandal sheets must be read in the larger context of the contradictions of the Revolutionary epoch.’
    • ‘The rest is mostly what one might expect to find in the scandal sheets about movie stars, familiar from such sources, and of no further interest.’
    • ‘Still, my tolerance for scandal sheets which rely on stories of sex, lies and house renovations has been strictly limited to two issues.’
    • ‘Even supposing a celebrity to possess a sense of shame, or the public a sense of propriety, there's actually a cunning trick that's almost guaranteed to keep you out of the scandal sheets: behave yourself.’
    • ‘Although true-crime magazines featured sexually alluring covers, their content was nowhere as controversial as that featured in their closest competitors: contemporary tabloids and scandal sheets.’
    • ‘The paper is the original scandal sheet, brought into being in 1843 to relay the details of celebrated divorce trials to a newly literate lower-middle class.’
    • ‘In any event, it was a death too good for scandal sheets to give up.’
    newspaper, paper, tabloid, broadsheet, journal, periodical, weekly, organ, news-sheet, newsletter, bulletin
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scandal sheet