Definition of scalper in English:



  • A person who resells shares or tickets at a large or quick profit.

    • ‘Stadiums sit half-empty, scalpers are going broke, and tickets are easy to come by.’
    • ‘As we walked and walked in search of the lone open ticket window, a scalper cornered us.’
    • ‘The transportation authorities have urged all related parties to work to guarantee the safety and efficiency of these services, calling for a crackdown on scalpers and improvement in the quality of these services.’
    • ‘Ticket scalpers have prevailed despite the pledge made by the authorities to crack down on them.’
    • ‘I know that most people would give their right arm - and I think some of them must at the prices asked to get a ticket from the scalpers (ticket touts) - for a chance to go to the Masters but for me it actually is quite a bit of hassle.’
    • ‘Ticket scalpers also ‘contribute’ to the expensive tickets.’
    • ‘If you bought tickets from this scalper, then you're out of luck, whereas I have the choice to get new tickets and profit further, or just keep the refund.’
    • ‘Ticket price averaged five hundred dollars with scalpers getting as high as twenty-five hundred dollars for a seat.’
    • ‘The thinking seems to be that the locals are wealthy enough to stand the pain while any visitor, having accepted the cost of a trip to the Far East, won't mind a little more punishment from the scalpers masquerading as football authorities.’
    • ‘Under the watchful eyes of the police, hustlers and scalpers worked the new spectators relentlessly in the hopes of getting rid of tickets for the game before they were stuck with them.’
    • ‘Although I would prefer to go by ship, I will not buy a ticket from scalpers.’
    • ‘Originally a sold-out game, the stands were not even half full, and scalpers lowered their prices to 10 and five dollars a ticket.’
    • ‘Secondly, I could not believe the amount of scalpers (ticket touts to us) looking for tickets.’
    • ‘Ticket-takers, scalpers, taxi drivers, strippers - they're all just the tip of the soon-to-be-melted iceberg when it comes to the financial havoc that would result from a lost season.’
    • ‘Allegations of counterfeit tickets left some patrons standing outside, and ubiquitous scalpers smiling.’
    • ‘Yeah, it was completely sold out, and friends told me scalpers were selling tickets at $15 a pop.’
    • ‘In his early 20s, Greco supported himself dancing in cabarets and running show tickets for a Broadway scalper.’
    • ‘If more ticket windows were opened at railway stations to provide more tickets, there would be less queue-jumping and fewer scalpers.’
    • ‘‘Some scalpers even got a daily profit of 300,000 yuan,’ said one insider who declined to be identified.’
    • ‘And until six years ago, when the NFL began offering them tickets at face value, they had to hunt for tickets, occasionally resorting to purchasing them from scalpers.’