Definition of scaled-down in English:



  • Reduced in size or extent.

    ‘a scaled-down version of the plan’
    ‘scaled-down furniture’
    • ‘In this year's scaled-down show, only works by the winner will be exhibited.’
    • ‘In the past, the Birmingham show was little more than a scaled-down version of its huge Continental cousins.’
    • ‘The idea of giving out a million toys quickly proved overwhelming, but a scaled-down vision soon took shape.’
    • ‘Garden tractors are scaled-down versions of farm tractors, with 12 to 20 horsepower engines and 38- to 60-inch mowing decks.’
    • ‘Instead of three meals a day, try eating five or six scaled-down versions.’
    • ‘The openers will be performing a scaled-down acoustic set.’
    • ‘A scaled-down version of that ambition plan is still in the testing phase.’
    • ‘Scaled-down adult objects are often the best toys for kids.’
    • ‘The film is not one of his epic ensemble pieces, but rather a scaled-down, sharply-drawn character study within a meticulously observed society.’
    • ‘Sometimes called floral or border spades, they're simply scaled-down versions of the garden spade.’