Definition of scale something down (or scale down) in English:

scale something down (or scale down)

phrasal verb

  • Reduce something (or be reduced) in size, number or extent, especially by a constant proportion across the board.

    ‘manufacturing capacity has been scaled down’
    ‘his whole income scaled down by 20 percent’
    • ‘The plans were re-evaluated, and the board scaled them down, reducing the project's budget from $20 million to $13.5 million.’
    • ‘Most routes would be scaled down but some would be discontinued entirely.’
    • ‘The amount of pears that I had yielded eight jars of assorted shapes and sizes, so I scaled things down a bit in the recipe below.’
    • ‘To accommodate all these new costs clinical services have been scaled down, while matching assumptions about increased efficiency are only variably delivered.’
    • ‘He states that in most other sports be it golf, hockey, hurling, tennis etc. the size of the equipment is scaled down for the younger players.’
    • ‘A team of up to 20 officers have been working on the case, although the size of the investigation squad has been scaled down in recent years.’
    • ‘Already, growth forecasts are being scaled down for next year, and they will be scaled down still further should the euro continue to rise on the foreign exchanges.’
    • ‘Plans to house hundreds of asylum-seekers in rural centres could be scaled down to try to save key reforms being scuppered by the Lords, the Government hinted yesterday.’
    • ‘Occasionally it goes the other way, and something is scaled down to the extent that it makes me feel as if I'm the one that's disproportionately big, but that's just as bad.’
    • ‘The scheme was then amended, with one building being lowered by one floor, with reduced glazing, and the other two buildings were scaled down.’
    • ‘A team of up to 20 officers has been working on the inquiry, although the size of the squad has been scaled down in recent years.’
    • ‘Taxes would be adjusted downward by a specified amount for each percentage point by which output is below normal, except that the size of the tax cut would be scaled down if inflation is currently well above its target.’
    reduce, cut down, cut back, cut, make cutbacks in, decrease, lessen, lower, trim, slim down, prune, curtail
    increase, expand, augment, build up, add to
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