Definition of scale something back in English:

scale something back

phrasal verb

  • Reduce something in size, number, or extent, especially by a constant proportion across the board.

    ‘in the short term, even scaling back defence costs money’
    • ‘Now the charity fears that families and friends of tsunami victims seeking help will not be able to get counselling as the national helpline has been scaled back to a reduced service at its London office.’
    • ‘The immediate consequence will be that other, more pressing, work in flood-hit towns will be scaled back or abandoned.’
    • ‘For example, the airline is developing a U.S. ad campaign that initially calls for TV buys, but cost might scale those plans back to radio and print.’
    • ‘When they are scaled back, or delayed, or dropped, there is less publicity.’
    • ‘We changed the way we put them up and our lights are scaled back but unlike in previous years when we have had whole light strings stolen, not even a light has gone missing.’
    • ‘Consequently, to the extent that government funding is scaled back, government's ability to influence the type of digital cultural content that is made available to Canadians would ultimately diminish.’