Definition of scalariform in English:



  • (especially of the walls of water-conducting cells) having thickened bands arranged like the rungs of a ladder.

    • ‘The secondary wall in an NTE is mainly in the form of bars so that the wall varies from annular to scalariform.’
    • ‘Thus far, all of the instances of pit membrane remnants occur in dicotyledons of highly mesic habitats, just as scalariform perforation plates do, although ‘mesic’ must be defined in terms of water availability, not rainfall amounts.’
    • ‘Twenty-two per cent of the woods have scalariform perforation plates, and 29% are semi-ring porous.’
    • ‘Archaeosigillaria had an exarch actinostele with scalariform and reticulate tracheids.’
    • ‘The P-type cell has scalariform pitting typical of most modern vascular plants.’


Mid 19th century: from Latin scalaris ‘of a ladder’ + -form.