Definition of scabby mouth in English:

scabby mouth


mass nounNZ, Australian
  • A viral disease of sheep and goats causing sores around the animal's mouth.

    ‘the official reason for rejecting the sheep has been scabby mouth’
    • ‘There is veterinary evidence that the spiny leaves and bracts are responsible for transmitting virus diseases, including scabby mouth, between animals.’
    • ‘Some 21,000 sheep were culled on suspicion they had scabby mouth.’
    • ‘The issue was the level of scabby mouth.’
    • ‘If a vaccine was less protective, then scabby mouth might be more prevalent and severe on farms where application of the vaccine was perhaps of a poorer standard.’
    • ‘A shipment of about 50,000 sheep was rejected, allegedly because of a high incidence of something called "scabby mouth".’
    • ‘A veterinarian deemed 6% of the sheep were infected with scabby mouth.’
    • ‘He has ordered an investigation into how Australian sheep infected with scabby mouth disease were allowed to be unloaded.’
    • ‘Concerns were raised about scabby mouth disease in a number of sheep.’
    • ‘Official sources said culling of the sheep consignment has been ordered after it was confirmed that they were suffering from scabby mouth disease.’
    • ‘They rejected the same animals because of reports that some of the sheep were infected with scabby mouth disease.’