Definition of scab duty in English:

scab duty

(also scab patrol)


mass nounAustralian
  • The task of picking up litter on school premises, given to a pupil as a punishment.

    ‘he pushed past a few gloomy-looking punkettes doing scab duty out front’
    • ‘At school in the old days, we had scab duty, and you soon learnt not to mess up.’
    • ‘You used to have to do scab duty, until the do-gooders said it was inhumane.’
    • ‘In some schools, scab duty was a routine every kid did each month or two.’
    • ‘I was talking in class, and the teacher gave me scab duty.’
    • ‘It is his second week on scab duty.’
    • ‘I asked a lot of questions about God that usually resulted in my being caned and given scab duty.’
    • ‘Any minor misdemeanour would result in scab duty at lunchtime.’
    • ‘Scab duty was a pain, and we could see everyone else enjoying recess or lunch.’
    • ‘Did you ever do scab duty at school if you got in trouble, and did it scar you for life?’
    • ‘They had been subject to sustained mental abuse from a so-called scab patrol.’