Definition of say a mouthful in English:

say a mouthful


North American
  • Say something noteworthy.

    • ‘‘That's saying a mouthful,’ I muttered, glaring at Kyle.’
    • ‘When Rahouf sat, he made a choice of conscience that directly impacted no one but sure said a mouthful.’
    • ‘What's incontestable is that Keeler said a mouthful, a precept that's as valid as when it left his lips more than a century ago.’
    • ‘It is one of Russo's stupidest ideas, and that is saying a mouthful.’
    • ‘He's a boy, firstly, and that's saying a mouthful.’
    • ‘His vocabulary consisted of clichés he'd picked up from former care workers, many of them bizarre or unsavory to start with: ‘cooking with oil’ was one, as was ‘you said a mouthful when you said that.’’
    • ‘I have to give the author of this letter to the Gleaner a warm Jamaican BIG UP, as I think he has said a mouthful here.’
    • ‘He said a mouthful, I thought, about the Frimley Green spectacle in general.’
    • ‘The eyes may be the window to your soul, but for a look into your physical health, open wide: Your teeth and gums say a mouthful.’
    • ‘And certainly he said a mouthful, none of it calculated to engender public respect of the particular judge.’