Definition of sawfish in English:



  • A large, tropical, mainly marine fish related to the rays, with an elongated flattened snout that bears large blunt teeth along each side.

    Family Pristidae: two genera, in particular Pristis, and several species

    • ‘Matthew McDavitt, an anthropologist who studies the importance of animals in culture, said that he's watched people call the sawfish everything from a swordfish to a hammerhead shark.’
    • ‘The freshwater sawfish, a ray, is related to stingrays, skates, sharks, and other fishes with cartilaginous skeletons.’
    • ‘While sawfish haven't been fished commercially, they can get lured by lines set for other fish.’
    • ‘Certain species of sawfish are known to ascend inland in large river systems, and they are among the few elasmobranchs that are known from freshwater systems in many parts of the world.’
    • ‘Horizontal helmet masks of sharks, sawfish, and crocodiles, and hippos of Cubist proportions endow Western and African art history.’