Definition of sawbones in English:



  • A doctor or surgeon.

    • ‘Care to tell your old sawbones how you are feeling?’
    • ‘In a few short weeks, they've collected 500 signatures on a petition to name the park after Salvadore Allende, a Marxist sawbones elected president of Chile in 1970.’
    • ‘The moustachioed cowpoke said, ‘One of our boys is hurt and needs a sawbones.’’
    • ‘Osler - a sawbones so famous that somebody wrote a 1,400-page biography of the guy - was the first to describe the condition.’
    • ‘The mobile sawbones are looking for volunteers to sign on for nine to 12 months helping the sick in such unpredictable places as Afghanistan.’
    • ‘I wondered just how much use it would be having this sawbones examining her.’
    • ‘Thus did the old sawbones hobble on down the road where, except for one or two cases of terminal egomania, he thoroughly enjoyed his second chance at caring for those who suffer.’
    • ‘Payne puts little Michael on the transplant list, and sawbones Turner mucks in to do the messy stuff when a suitable donor miraculously wraps her car around a tree with just minutes to spare.’
    • ‘If ever I need the old sawbones, pick me one with a steady hand and a good patient-survival ratio and I won't care if he talks in grunts.’
    • ‘Doyle had a reasonably distinguished career as a sawbones but made his mark as creator of arguably the world's best-known fictional detective.’
    • ‘He had been troubled by a left inguinal hernia in his lower abdomen, so he booked a date with the sawbones to go under the knife and get it fixed.’
    • ‘Rob, who graduated 117th in his class at medical school, is an in-house sawbones with a penthouse suite, a gambling habit, and an insufferable smirk.’
    physician, medical practitioner, medical man, medical woman, clinician, doctor of medicine, md
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