Definition of savouriness in English:


(US savoriness)


  • See savoury

    • ‘It has an initial fire and savouriness on the palate that may disturb the contemporary palate conditioned to smoothness and sweetness.’
    • ‘Ribbons of red onion and good-quality discs of beef ramp up its savoriness, and the add-ins make the soup an eventful party in a bowl.’
    • ‘The wine is soft, silky and full of ripe fruit flavours like cherry and blackberries but backed by a spicy savouriness.’
    • ‘They were dressed with some overtly sweet vinaigrette (I suspect raspberry) that jarred with the savouriness of the crêpes.’
    • ‘Umami can also be described as heartiness, savoriness, or fullness of the mouth.’