Definition of savings ratio in English:

savings ratio


  • The ratio of personal savings to disposable income in an economy.

    • ‘The single most important aspect of his new plan to boost the savings ratio is its very clear aim of altering popular attitudes to the accumulation of capital.’
    • ‘In the transition period, where the assets of the pension funds are gradually increased through the accumulation of the pension contributions, the aggregate savings ratio in the economy will be higher.’
    • ‘This will provide an unprecedented windfall for the Irish consumer and should act as a catalyst for a fall in the current excessively high savings ratios.’
    • ‘Recent reports suggest that China has one of the highest savings ratios in the world, some 30%, compared to less than 5% in Britain.’
    • ‘In addition to threatening banks' interest income, this has also meant that the savings ratio is down because people had become accustomed to high returns.’