Definition of saving clause in English:

saving clause


  • A provision in a contract, statute, or other legal document containing an exemption from one or more of its conditions or obligations.

    ‘there is a saving clause to allow member states to apply measures to protect their legitimate interests’
    • ‘The Saving Clause itself, in its 1789 form, stated that what it was "saving" was "a common law remedy" to be available in maritime fact situations.’
    • ‘Further, if booking agents would, in the absence of a saving provision, be within Clause 7.2, why are not the other tour representatives, for whom there is no saving clause, within that Clause?’
    • ‘The ECJ distinguished the rule in Kalanke from the Marschall rule by reference to its saving clause, but also adopted a more nuanced view of the equal chances of men and women on the labour market.’
    • ‘If these sections stood alone we would have no difficulty in deciding the question herein involved, as the saving clause would give the plaintiff only two years in which to bring his action after attaining his majority.’
    • ‘In this it could be argued that the Court misinterpreted the very meaning of the saving clause embodied in the Declaration.’