Definition of save someone's face in English:

save someone's face


  • Enable someone to avoid humiliation.

    ‘he might be pretending to help her to save his face in front of Katarina’
    • ‘I say to him that he should save his face and vote against this bill.’
    • ‘So is it better to tell and hurt or lie to save their face?’
    • ‘Yet even as he spoke he was conscious that this verbal attempt to save his face did him no better service than his fencing.’
    • ‘She said Parnell went through with the wedding: ‘To save my face and stop me looking like a complete idiot.’’
    • ‘He could have saved his face, but he had to let it out.’
    • ‘And under no circumstances will you ask her to wrap her own presents the night before Christmas in order to save your face in front of her parents.’
    • ‘Here is a simple three-step program to save your face.’
    • ‘Or you could just withdraw all the actions, but though it'll save your face from the drip-drip of bad publicity, it'll still make you look like a bunch of bungle-bounces.’