Definition of sav in English:



NZ, Australian
  • A saveloy sausage.

    ‘it was hot savs and bread for supper’
    • ‘Forget the good old battered sav, the company is planning to revolutionise festival food.’
    • ‘I fell into a fish and chip shop, where I purchased and proceeded to eat a battered sav and chips.’
    • ‘Maybe they just like a sav after a long day at work.’
    • ‘He's battered the sav again beautifully there.’
    • ‘It marks the annual consumption of a battered sav for every Australian in the country.’
    • ‘"I'm more a calamari person—not into fish at all—and could I have a battered sav, as well?"’
    • ‘He had groaning plates of pavs and savs.’
    • ‘Have some sauce with your sav.’


  • a fair suck (or shake)of the sav

    • informal A fair chance.

      ‘he didn't get a fair suck of the sav’
      • ‘Kiwis want there to be a fair shake of the sav.’
      • ‘By providing an even hand and the perception of allowing everyone a fair suck of the sav, the company is avoiding the pitfalls of being seen to micro-manage.’
      • ‘He is going to make a complaint to the press council, saying he didnt get a fair suck of the sav, at the last election.’
      • ‘As one lawyer puts it, appellants may not be getting "a fair suck of the sav".’
      • ‘Are other motorsports getting a fair suck of the sav?’
      • ‘The nannies have stayed a while; fair suck of the sav mate, it's time they went home.’
      • ‘What everyone really wants is a fair suck of the sav.’
      • ‘"We're with ya! Now come on folks, give him a chance! Fair suck of the sav, let the man speak!"’
      • ‘It was a blue day in hell if the respondent ever got a fair suck of the sav.’
      • ‘All we want is a fair suck of the sav, mate.’


Late 19th century: abbreviation of saveloy.