Definition of sausie in English:



  • A sausage.

    ‘barbecue recipes have become more complicated than a sausie on the grill’
    • ‘There's been years of apprenticing in the wilderness of pre-cooked and barbecue sausies.’
    • ‘I still reckon it's hard to beat sausies, mashed spud with peas and brown onion gravy.’
    • ‘Well, everyone loves me sausies, matey.’
    • ‘He put aside a couple of sausies and a small piece of steak for her.’
    • ‘I've now got the t-shirt (and the trucker hat) to prove I know my sausies.’
    • ‘Kiwis are renowned for our "throw your sausie on the barbie" culture, but we could learn a thing or two from a country that might just love its sausages even more than we love ours.’
    • ‘The sausies are burning.’
    • ‘The sausies look a bit brown on their bottoms.’
    • ‘With veggie sausies and patties I don't suppose it was that Kiwi.’
    • ‘It's not quite daylight saving but we can't wait, it's off with the barbecue cover and on with the sausies.’


1990s: abbreviation.