Definition of sausage tree in English:

sausage tree


  • A tropical African tree with red bell-shaped flowers and large pendulous sausage-shaped fruits.

    Kigelia pinnata, family Bignoniaceae

    • ‘It was dotted with extraordinary trees like the baobab with its thick knotty trunk and root-like branches and the sausage tree which bears fruit that look exactly like huge hanging bratwursts.’
    • ‘Guests are accommodated in very comfortable and substantial riverside lodges, built on stilts, and each named for the nearest tree - acacia, leadwood, sausage tree, and so on.’
    • ‘There are, of course, sumptuous touches: the tents are filled with antique furniture, the beds are dressed in crisp, white linen and the raised dining area is built around a sausage tree.’
    • ‘How clever we thought we were, as we avoided setting up under a sausage tree: if a fruit from that drops off and hits you on the head, the result can be terminal.’
    • ‘Along the banks grew knob thorns, sausage trees, vegetable ivory, ilala palms, mangoes, wild figs, tamarinds and mahogany, as well as the ubiquitous acacia.’


sausage tree