Definition of sausage roll in English:

sausage roll


  • A piece of sausage meat wrapped in pastry and baked.

    • ‘Fortunately they were serving mini sausage rolls and tomato sauce, which is the ultimate party food.’
    • ‘Food shops line the outer edges selling, for a Brit, remarkably reassuring grub like sausage rolls, meat pies and fish and chips.’
    • ‘Understandably her mind was preoccupied with things other than sausage rolls, quiches and crisps.’
    • ‘He has his lunch at 5pm; a solitary sausage roll, which he's eating from a large white plate with a knife and fork.’
    • ‘I am never eating another sausage roll as long as I live.’
    • ‘He was dropping pastry flakes from his sausage roll on his waistcoat.’
    • ‘Just when he'd fancy some pork scratchings or a sausage roll, he'd discover that all there was to eat were bananas, apples and those annoying little boxes of raisins.’
    • ‘He knew Belle came in for a sausage roll every morning.’
    • ‘A day's budget encompasses a sausage roll and a glass of milk.’
    • ‘It was busy, and I was hoping to gather enough change to buy a hot pie or sausage roll from the bakery before it shut.’
    • ‘In fact, the only meat that I have ever come close to enjoying has been meat that is so heavily processed that you can hardly recognise it as meat, you know, sausages, burgers, sausage rolls, that kind of thing.’
    • ‘Joe likes pizzas, sausage rolls, pork pies, chicken and mushroom slices, chicken dippers and chocolate cake.’
    • ‘You know everyone loves sausage rolls, whether it's a snack after uni or for drinks on a Friday night, you just whip out the tomato sauce with these puppies and everyone will be reminiscing over the '80s and our first birthday parties.’
    • ‘People who skip breakfast often find themselves eating a pastry or a sausage roll on the way to work in an attempt to stop feeling hungry.’
    • ‘If you are looking for a quick bite try the all new deli department at the store which serves everything from a sausage roll to a breakfast roll with a myriad of other hot and cold food and drinks.’
    • ‘She put the bottle of pop into her bag and the wrapper of the sausage roll in the bin.’
    • ‘Most important are items such as vol-au-vent, bouchée, and an English example, the sausage roll.’
    • ‘The butcher sells homemade steak slices, sausage rolls and various pies which the Hubby is quite partial to.’
    • ‘He put the tray of sausage rolls he was holding down on the bench unceremoniously.’
    • ‘Sitting there sipping supermarket-brand cola from a paper cup and eating my Mum's sausage rolls I couldn't have been happier.’


sausage roll