Definition of sausage meat in English:

sausage meat


mass noun
  • Minced meat with spices and a binder such as cereal, used in sausages or as a stuffing.

    • ‘In the late seventies and eighties, I used to use garlic sausage meat from the local butcher and had great success with it.’
    • ‘Essentially, it was two pounds of sausage meat with onion slices mixed in, coated in flour and baked in dripping with roasted vegies.’
    • ‘Apart from having to go to my local supermarket to buy some more sausage meat for stuffing the turkey (after forgetting to get it out of the freezer last night), dinner went well.’
    • ‘Add the sausage meat back to the gravy and season with salt and white pepper to taste.’
    • ‘And so we have recipes for cabbages stuffed with sausage meat, cabbages layered with potatoes and baked, and sauerkraut (fermented, pickled cabbage) served with potatoes and pork.’
    • ‘The best sausage meat, hamburger style sandwich in town, with piles of onions of course, has gotta be at Palmer's.’
    • ‘The small amount of sausage meat left over was fried and tasted superb, so hopefully the sausages will prove to be as tasty tomorrow - they need to sit for a day or so to let some of the moisture leech out.’
    • ‘It includes preservative and a dash of herbs, and helps bind the fine-chopped sausage meat.’
    • ‘Naturally I look for something a little different such as pepperami, garlic sausage meat, strong smelling cheeses, cockles or mussels.’
    • ‘He suggests squeezing out the sausage meat from some sausages, rolling these into small balls, browning them in some oil and adding them to the mixture at this stage to make the dish even better, but it's up to you and your budget.’
    • ‘Wheat flour is added as a bulking agent in many items of confectionery, as thickeners in sauces, to give bulk and to reduce the cost of meat products, such as sausage meat, and even in some pharmaceutical preparations.’
    • ‘Pinch the sausage meat into the pan and cook until browned.’
    • ‘I try to persuade myself they're wholesome by buying ones made with free-range eggs and ignore the fact that the sausage meat is made from the scrapings from pigs' skulls.’
    • ‘Chicken with a tarragon stuffing turned out to be mainly full of sausage meat and horrid.’
    • ‘Combine the bread and sausage meat in a bowl using your hands.’
    • ‘We had turkey that tasted of turkey stuffed with chestnut one end and sausage meat mixed with sage the other.’
    • ‘They also add a sharpness to the likes of apple sauce for a roast pork accompaniment and, added to sausage meat along with raisins, cloves, all spice and brandy, mixed with a stuffing, are a winner.’


sausage meat