Definition of saury in English:



  • A long slender-bodied edible marine fish with an elongated snout.

    See also skipper
    • ‘South Korea has said the fisheries accord allows up to 26 of its boats to fish for saury in waters close to the islands, known in Russia as the Southern Kurils and called the Northern Territories in Japan.’
    • ‘Saury is a good quality fish with a lovely roasted flavor and economical price.’
    • ‘Taiwanese fishing boats have begun fishing for saury in waters around Russian-held islands claimed by Japan.’
    • ‘The South Korean fisheries agency said its fishermen have caught 3,200 tons of saury, roughly one-fifth of the Russian quota of 15,000 tons for this year.’
    • ‘Under an accord struck in December, Russia says it will allow South Korean boats to catch 15,000 tons of saury around the islands from July 15 to Nov.15.’


Late 18th century: perhaps via late Latin from Greek sauros ‘horse mackerel’.