Definition of saurian in English:



  • Of or like a lizard.

    ‘a table with saurian legs’
    • ‘This saurian symbol of Chinese emperors has been claimed, from the mid-1980s onward, as the common patrimony of all Chinese people.’
    • ‘It stood up on two thick saurian legs; it was at least 20 feet tall.’
    • ‘One sinister saurian lies along the grassy banks, as patterned and prim - and primed - as a killer handbag.’
    • ‘He looked up and the saurian creature's slitted eyes seemed to stare back at him, taunting him.’


  • Any large reptile, especially a dinosaur or other extinct form.

    • ‘Their tympanum is not homologous with the tympanum of mammals and saurians (extant diapsids) because it developed independently in all three groups.’
    • ‘We see literally hundreds of saurians in this sequence, representing a diverse range of species, and the excitement and beauty of the story unfold dynamically without a single spoken word.’
    • ‘Megalancosaurus is one of the few putative bird ancestors among basal saurians that has been included in a more global cladistic analysis or in the context of smaller taxonomic groupings.’
    • ‘Jenkins observed that in living saurians humeral motion primarily takes place perpendicular to the saddle's long axis, across the shorter, convex surface.’


Early 19th century: from modern Latin Sauria (see Sauria) + -an.