Definition of saunter in English:



  • Walk in a slow, relaxed manner:

    ‘Adam sauntered into the room’
    • ‘Sam glared harshly at her before sauntering into the kitchen.’
    • ‘Joe was already sauntering down the hallway, and Morgan watched in satisfaction before turning back to her fiancé.’
    • ‘Amber was first, sauntering in as if nothing had happened.’
    • ‘He poured her a drink and they sauntered into the living room and took a seat in a secluded corner.’
    • ‘He straightened and started away, sauntering across the yard.’
    • ‘She looked up and saw Dolan sauntering over towards her.’
    • ‘Finally, Wayne heard the toilet flush and Lance sauntered back into the living room.’
    • ‘He smiled in a twisted manner, sauntering into the study.’
    • ‘She'd come to school dressed pretty conservatively, but later in the day she'd be sauntering around in a tight mini skirt and sexy shoes.’
    • ‘Feeling very pleased, he left her room and sauntered down the corridor.’
    • ‘Robert is sauntering around in the foyer, waiting.’
    • ‘But he only sauntered across the room and dropped down to sit on the floor at my feet.’
    • ‘Will grinned and stood up, sauntering over to the door.’
    • ‘She returned back inside, sauntering into the drawing room where she resumed her position on the window seat, picking up the book.’
    • ‘The bathroom door opened and Maralynne came sauntering out.’
    • ‘We spent most of our days sauntering down sunny beaches, eating romantic candlelit lunches, and singing songs with some of our closest friends.’
    • ‘Piper performed a victory dance before sauntering over to Noah.’
    • ‘She glanced at him over her shoulder before sauntering from the room.’
    • ‘I woke up early and put on a pair of pants with a loose black shirt and sauntered into the lounge room.’
    • ‘I was eating my regular lunch at my regular table when Vena came sauntering over, her flunkies creating a semicircle behind her.’
    stroll, amble, wander, meander, drift, maunder, potter, walk, promenade, ramble
    go for a walk, go for a stroll, take a walk, stretch one's legs, take the air
    mosey, tootle
    pootle, bimble
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  • A leisurely stroll:

    ‘a quiet saunter down the road’
    • ‘If you fancy a soothing saunter into the heart of country, then put this collection on, clear back the carpet, uncork your favourite brew and haul your sweetheart across the floor for a tender two-step.’
    • ‘Our daily parade down the Croisette has turned from a saunter to a stagger.’
    • ‘People are generally happier after a light saunter, as well.’
    • ‘Oblivious to his hectic surroundings, the man carried on with his lonely saunter until he reached an uncharacteristically quiet corner of the courtyard void of any activity.’
    stroll, amble, wander, meander, walk, turn, constitutional, ramble, airing, promenade, breather
    mosey, tootle
    pootle, bimble
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Late Middle English (in the sense ‘to muse, wonder’): of unknown origin. The current sense dates from the mid 17th century.