Definition of Saturday in English:



  • The day of the week before Sunday and following Friday, and (together with Sunday) forming part of the weekend.

    ‘the match will be held on Saturday’
    ‘one of my partners is usually in the office on a Saturday’
    ‘the first Saturday in the month’
    ‘the counter is closed on Saturdays and Sundays’
    as modifier ‘Saturday night’
    • ‘Shops were closed on Saturday afternoons and on Sundays, and few people owned a car.’
    • ‘As one might expect, Saturdays and Sundays are the main trading days.’
    • ‘He had bought the sink in the shop's closing down sale on the Saturday and left it in the garage overnight.’
    • ‘The house was quiet and still as it always was when she got home from work on Saturday nights.’
    • ‘Though they eat three times a day on Saturdays and Sundays, for the rest of the week they eat only once a day, when they partake of a communal evening supper.’
    • ‘On Saturday I continued to pamper my cold, ate, slept and made my way to Luton.’
    • ‘The following Saturday morning Steven walked in the front door whistling.’
    • ‘The following Saturday they hope for mass demonstrations in cities across the world.’
    • ‘Last Saturday the incredible ride for the men's basketball team came to an end.’
    • ‘I shall confine myself to telling you about that Saturday she did our hair.’
    • ‘Transmission of Saturday morning cricket in the summer also lead to a lunchtime close-down for a period of years.’
    • ‘On Saturday he conscientiously completed his paperwork and reported to his superiors.’
    • ‘They are booked up on Saturday nights through to the end of April and close to that on Fridays.’
    • ‘Anyone who's ever sat at home in front of a TV set on Saturday night knows the deal.’
    • ‘This is the main dish I served on Saturday night, when our friends came to dinner.’
    • ‘At midday on Saturday he had his first visitor - the police superintendent who had arrested him.’
    • ‘One Saturday I was sent by train to Lyttelton to judge a competition for a May Day Queen.’
    • ‘Jeremy had become a part-time worker, opting for long night shifts on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.’
    • ‘We talked every night on the phone and on Saturday we went down to the park and spent the evening hugging and just being together.’
    • ‘Most people did not know what Cameron's grades were or even what he did on Saturday nights.’


North American
  • 1On Saturday.

    ‘he made his first appearance Saturday’
    1. 1.1Saturdays On Saturdays; each Saturday.
      ‘they sleep late Saturdays’
      • ‘As I am usually up all night Saturdays and Sundays in Roppongi, I don't often get up and out early on those days.’
      • ‘I tried it Fridays and Saturdays and even though I'd prefer a bit more housey music it's still ok.’


Old English Sætern(es)dæg, translation of Latin Saturni dies ‘day of Saturn’, the ancient Roman god of agriculture. Compare with Dutch zaterdag.