Definition of saturation point in English:

saturation point


  • 1The stage at which no more of a substance can be absorbed into a vapour or dissolved into a solution.

    • ‘The goal is to reduce serum uric acid level below its saturation point in extracellular fluid.’
    • ‘The layering seen in a solution which has passed its saturation point resembles the layering seen when two insoluble substances are mixed.’
    • ‘Wood is dimensionally stable when the moisture content is above the fiber saturation point (usually about 30 percent moisture content).’
    • ‘Crystallisation occurs when the concentration of two ions exceeds their saturation point in the solution.’
    • ‘The saturation point varies according to the solute.’
    1. 1.1 The stage beyond which no more of something can be absorbed or accepted.
      ‘the market quickly reached saturation point’
      • ‘I think we're close to seeing a saturation point for film, and film is probably playing too great a role in our cultural development at the expense of other issues.’
      • ‘On the home front, there is some evidence the Irish hotel market is reaching saturation point, particularly with the opening of at least ten hotels in the Dublin area in the past three years.’
      • ‘Virtually all British households subscribed to a weekly paper or magazine, while the collective circulation of daily newspapers showed that the British market had reached saturation point.’
      • ‘Domestic phone usage is nearing saturation point, prompting Korean phone companies to consider expanding into overseas markets and to find foreign partners to help them compete at home, analysts said.’
      • ‘However, with the rental market reaching saturation point in certain areas, it looks as if double-digit growth is a thing of the past.’


saturation point