Definition of satori in English:



mass nounBuddhism
  • Sudden enlightenment.

    ‘the road that leads to satori’
    • ‘Too often, academic writing seems like a kind of anti-Zen, geared not to promoting any flash of insight-giving satori.’
    • ‘Would it require a sort of expanded awareness, like the way you feel after satori?’
    • ‘The character is, no doubt, experiencing some form of satori.’
    • ‘The doctrine of satori calls for the follower to annihilate self to reach the higher state so as to liberate oneself from the habitual way of life.’
    • ‘It's the usual grab bag of danger that one accepts in exchange for high-alpine solitude, and maybe even satori.’
    hunch, feeling, feeling in one's bones, gut feeling, funny feeling, inkling, sneaking suspicion, suspicion, impression
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Japanese, literally ‘awakening’.