Definition of satellite feed in English:

satellite feed


  • A live broadcast via satellite forming part of another programme.

    • ‘During the conference, the satellite feed reached institutions around the world whose participants could fax in questions.’
    • ‘It was the first show to use satellite feeds and stop-action sequences, and it won four Emmys its first year.’
    • ‘We also need to understand the economics that made the broadcasters abandon satellite feed, which didn't have this problem.’
    • ‘Since journalists would have more time to gather material and transmit the information back home, this would mean fewer costs for satellite feeds, for example, which can cost between $1,000 and $2,000 US per feed.’
    • ‘They said they receive satellite feeds because many sport events their customers want to watch are not offered on the dominant local operator.’
    • ‘With the advent of satellite feeds and the internet, information travels around the world at incomprehensible speeds-and so does misinformation.’
    • ‘Pubs, clubs and restaurants across the territory say their customers want to watch events not offered by Cable TV, motivating them to use illegal decoders to receive satellite feeds from South Africa, Thailand or the Philippines.’
    • ‘And a part of her had to remind herself that she was viewing this on satellite feed from Wisconsin, hundreds of miles’
    • ‘The only means for showing this film to my class is to have it streamed in via a satellite feed into a video projector.’
    • ‘The local newspaper and all three of the local television stations were in attendance and the satellite feeds were fully deployed and tested, even though the conference wasn't going out live.’
    • ‘Thanks to a reliable satellite feed and a precise Global Positioning System, the bright, attention-getting ads on the taxi roof keep changing.’
    • ‘Other groups provided streaming audio, while a digital video editing system was installed to edit reports for satellite feed.’
    • ‘It was only a minute away from midnight now, so he decided to switch on the live satellite feed from Times Square.’
    • ‘That meant that the only people in Jacksonville who could see the show during its first season-and-a-half were those who got the satellite feed.’
    • ‘In addition, five locations - Toronto, Michigan, New Hampshire, Arizona, and Caspar, California - will each receive a satellite feed from the conference.’
    • ‘Measuring 126 feet by 10.5 feet, the wall is a seamless display of breaking news from satellite feeds around the world.’
    • ‘Bandwidth, of course, is just a fancy way of describing how fast information can be carried through a phone line, cable line, satellite feed and so on.’
    • ‘All right, we just unfortunately lost that satellite feed, we were wrapping up with Senator Levin and with Senator Roberts.’
    • ‘She soon graduated to monitoring satellite feeds from correspondents around the world, ‘seeing if anything big was happening.’’