Definition of sarod in English:



  • A lute used in classical North Indian music, with four main strings.

    • ‘With special emphasis being laid on giving equal importance to all instruments, the festival will showcase the various forms of classical Indian instruments like flute, sitar, sarod and santoor.’
    • ‘He coaxes timbres out of them that sound similar to Indian instruments such as the sitar, sarod, sarangi and veena.’
    • ‘Yet he's also studied jazz and Indian music and learnt to play the sarod, so his band achieves a curious rapprochement between world-jazz and heads-down, no-nonsense boogie.’
    • ‘If you hear the sarod and sarangi, and you like it, you'll go looking for the original stuff without the beats.’
    • ‘Sympathetic strings are a characteristic feature of such instruments as the Hardanger fiddle, srag, sarod, sitar, viola d' amore, and sometimes the trumpet marine.’


Urdu, from Persian surod ‘song, melody’.