Definition of sarcomere in English:



  • A structural unit of a myofibril in striated muscle, consisting of a dark band and the nearer half of each adjacent pale band.

    • ‘Electron microscopy was used to examine ultrastructural evidence of injury, including sarcomeric disruption, disorganisation of myofilaments, misalignment of adjacent sarcomeres, and distortion or absence of Z-lines.’
    • ‘Factors contributing to the additional improvement include increases in oxygenation, right ventricular function, cardiac output, number of sarcomeres, and muscle mass, and a decrease in glucocorticoid use.’
    • ‘Gradually, new sarcomeres (contractile units) are laid down to share the work load and reduce the wall stress.’
    • ‘The actin filaments found in the sarcomeres of striated muscles, as well as in stress fibers and microvilli in nonmuscle cells, are stable, unbranched structures.’
    • ‘Line scans were determined for portions of myofibrils that were straight, contained five or more sarcomeres, and had striations relatively perpendicular to the long axis of the myofibril.’


Late 19th century: from Greek sarx, sark- ‘flesh’ + meros ‘part’.