Definition of Saran in English:


(also Saran Wrap)


mass nounNorth American
  • Polyvinyl choride (PVC), especially in the form of cling flim.

    • ‘For example, many dancers take a hot shower before class; others put Saran Wrap [R] on sensitive body parts like the knees, ankles, or back.’
    • ‘And yet that broad array of household goods under the Fantastik, Saran and Edge brands, among others, doesn't strike one as a portfolio easily tied together by ambitious umbrella advertising.’
    • ‘If you're organized, Safeway's only necessary for things like Saran Wrap and diapers - you can even buy sarongs at Crossroads.’
    • ‘But he taught me how to make a parachute with Saran Wrap and how to repair bicycles.’
    • ‘Google is worried the same effect will diminish their brand-ownership as it follows a path laid out by Kleenex, Saran Wrap and all those other all too popular brands.’


1940s: of unknown origin.